Powerchair Football

Powerchair Football products

WFA LogoBoa Engineering has worked with the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) to develop a number of products for the sport of Powerchair Football.

We have design, developed and produced the Boa Predator playing attachment, we are the sole supplier of official WFA Goalposts and we sourced, converted and branded the WFA trailer that is used to transport all their powerchairs.

We will continue to work with the WFA over the coming years, and have officially got the Powerchair Football bug!

The Boa Predator

Boa PredatorThe Boa Predator has been developed specifically to be used on the Invacare Storm and TDX football powerchairs.

With its revolutionary design and shape, the Boa Predator will strike the ball harder and with more accuracy than any other Powerchair Football attachment.

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WFA GoalpostsBoa Engineering are the only supplier of official WFA Goalposts. They have been sanctioned by the WFA and are used in all National League Fixtures.

These Goalposts were also selected by Federation International of Powerchair Football Associations (www.fipfa.org) to be used at the 2011 FIPFA World Cup.

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To find out more about the sport of Powerchair Football, please visit the Wheelchair Football Association website at www.thewfa.org.uk